Erectile Dysfunction is Linked to Heart Disease

Erectile dysfunction: Is it a sign of heart disease

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse that can be an early warning sign of current or future heart problems. Likewise, if you have heart disease and are getting the right treatment it might help with ED.

How are heart problems & erectile dysfunction linked?

ED is linked to heart disease and early death in men regardless of if they have a history of cardiovascular disease. The findings came from a recent study carried out by researchers from the Australian National University, led by Emily Banks, that was published in PLOS Medicine.

A study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that libido friendly L-arginine supplements helped a significant number of men between the ages of 25 to 45 with ED achieve normal erections.

The Mayo Clinic thoughts on this are “L-arginine might be effective at lowering blood pressure, reducing the symptoms of angina and treating erectile dysfunction due to a physical cause.”

Side effects of Viagra

While Viagra is effective for millions of men with ED and low libido, there can be side effects for many such as facial flushing, indigestion and headaches. More alarmingly, soon after taking Viagra, vision problems can begin to surface, leading to warnings for people with retinal eye conditions, such as macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa, to use the drug only with caution.

There’s more, both the FDA and the manufacturer have issued warnings against taking Viagra with any nitrate-based cardiac medications (e.g. nitroglycerin patches, sublingual nitroglycerin tablets etc.). Doctors have been advised that heart patients should not be treated with nitroglycerin if the patient had used Viagra in the previous 24 hours. Additionally, the manufacturer reported several cases where patients who received both drugs died after developing a severe drop in blood pressure (hypertension).

Looking at other libido boosting alternatives has to be considered.

How L-arginine helps with low libido and the symptoms of erectile dysfunction

L-arginine is an amino acid that helps to make proteins. It also becomes the gas nitric oxide (NO) in the body that is important for erectile function because it helps blood vessels relax. Therefore more oxygen-rich blood can circulate through the arteries. Healthy blood flow in the penis is vital for normal erectile function and it increases libido.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by insufficient blood flow to the penis, e.g. because the blood vessels do not open wide enough for the blood to flow in and cause an erection. L-arginine, a libido boosting supplement, has been proven to have a positive effect on the health of your blood vessels and it has also been found to relax them. So, in theory, this means that it could improve your sexual function and increase libido.

L-arginine has very specific effects on the body. As a supplement, its primary benefit is that it can potentially lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure – a benefit that’s backed up by medical studies here.

L-arginine is a natural alternative to sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra) and tadalafil (Cialis).

In a study at New York University School of Medicine researchers gave L-arginine to a group of impotent men and found that 6 out of 15 men that took it claimed an improved ability to achieve erections, but none of the 15 men in the placebo group reported any benefit whatsoever.

You can read more about L’arginine in our blog post, L-arginine is Essential – Here’s Why.

6 natural ways that help erectile dysfunction, heart disease & increase libido

1) Look after your vascular health. High blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can all damage arteries in the heart (causing heart attack), in the brain (causing stroke), and leading to the penis (causing ED).

2) Start walking regularly. According to a Harvard study, 30 minutes of walking a day was linked with a 40% drop in risk for ED. Other research suggests that moderate exercise can help restore sexual performance in obese middle-aged men that have ED.

3) Quit smoking. Smoking damages your blood vessels, so quit as soon as possible. We know that giving up smoking is hard but your GP can recommend products and programs that are proven to help people quit smoking and avoid relapses.

4) Eat Healthily. In the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, eating a diet rich in natural foods like whole grains, fish, fruit & vegetables, but eating less red and processed meat and refined grains, decreased the likelihood of ED.

5) Get slim and stay slim. A man with a 42-inch waist is 50% more likely to have ED than a slimmer man with a 32-inch waist. Losing weight can help fight ED, so getting to a healthy weight and maintain that weight is another good strategy for avoiding or fixing ED. Obesity raises risks for vascular disease and diabetes, that are 2 major causes of ED.

6) Exercise, but we’re not talking about your biceps. Strong pelvic floor exercises enhance the rigidity during erections and keep blood from leaving the penis by pressing on a key vein. In a trial in Britain, they discovered that twice a day sets of Kegel exercises (which strengthen these muscles), combined with lifestyle changes worked far better than just changes in lifestyle on their own.


Low libido can really affect a relationship, so by adopting a healthier lifestyle and taking our product Heart Essentials, that has L-arginine included in the ingredients, is the natural alternative way to go to improve your libido & help to prevent ED.

Heart Essentials is a unique formulation that is packed with libido friendly ingredients such as nitric oxide, L-arginine, minerals and vitamins which helps the cardiovascular system works as it should. When consumed, L-arginine is converted into nitric oxide which has many positive effects on our bodies in particular to our blood vessels which in turn boosts libido and helps with ED.

The most important impact is on our blood pressure and circulation. Nitric oxide prevents blood clots and plaque buildup, and signals our blood vessels to relax and dilate, enabling better blood flow and lower blood pressure. Improved blood circulation means greater flexibility and lessened joint pain and debilitation as well. L-arginine also fights inflammation and free radicals, which are known to be a major source of disease.

Super Health Essentials

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