9 Lifestyle Changes to Make in Your 30s

9 Lifestyle Changes to Make in Your 30s

Many people spend their 20s getting some unhealthy teenage habits out of their system such as sleeping in until after midday at the weekends and spending all their disposable cash on whatever takes their fancy.

But your 30s are an ideal time to start the habits that will help you achieve personal and professional fulfillment for the rest of your life.

To give you a head start, we researched the most beneficial lifestyle hacks for you to take on board.

Stop Smoking

If you have already started smoking, stopping as soon as possible really is a no brainer.

Easier said than done, we know, so you can check out some really useful tips from Quit.ie.

While you cannot undo the harm that you have already done from smoking, research suggests that those that quitting before age forty have a ninetieth lower mortality risk than those that continue.

You will also save some money too with a packet of cigarettes costing over  €12 a packet.

Eat Healthy

We all know that we should, but here is a reminder of why.

Eating healthy improves weight loss, reduces the risk of getting cancer, improves diabetes, great for your heart, helps to prevent strokes, makes your teeth and bones stronger, improves your mood, your memory increases and it improves your sleep.

Take Supplements

Despite the advancement in technology we all seem to be busier than ever before and we may not make the time to prepare every meal that is packed with high nutrition.

So there is no harm in taking additional supplements to make up for any shortfall missed throughout the day. You may want to take an extra strength multivitamin or for those of you that want to reduce your cholesterol you could take Cholesterol Essentials, those who want to improve their heart health and get an extra boost of energy could take Heart Essentials and those of you that want to improve your joint health could take Joint Essentials.

Sleep Routine

It might be tempting to use the weekends to recoup any sleep lost during the week, however, you should hit the pillow and get up around the same time every day. If you oversleep for even for one day, sleep specialists say you risk resetting your body clock to another sleep cycle, therefore you will start getting tired later that night. Avoid sleep problems by trying to keep to the to a regular routine as much as possible.

Exercise Frequently

It doesn’t matter if it’s walking, cycling, hiking or running just as long as it involves some movement.

In the latter half your 30s, you begin losing muscle mass, therefore it’s particularly vital to exercise at this point in your life. However keep in mind that you partake in an exercise that you actually like, this way you are more likely to continue doing it.

keep a Journal

Keeping a written daily journal can be very therapeutic and even if you’d prefer to keep your personal thoughts to yourself, if you put your thoughts and feelings on paper it will help you work out an issue that is troubling you.

Maybe that is why Oprah Winfrey has kept a daily journal for years.

Make Goals

Want to buy a big house? Write a book? Well, decide what your main goals are and do something every day to help achieve them.

The benefits of making goals are that they give you a clear focus on what is important to you, they give you clarity for decision making, they give you control of your future, they help with motivation and they give you a clear sense of purpose in life.

Save Money

It is so easy to squander money at any stage of your life but by starting to save in your 30s sets a good precedent for years to come.

Maybe you will need to save for a deposit to buy a house, a wedding or even retirement. By starting in your 30s will pay dividends in your old age.

Be Happy With What You’ve Got and Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

If you are content with what you’ve got rather than comparing yourself to others, the happier you will become.

Constantly peering over your shoulder to visualize what others do does not help you reach your own goals. You would be better off working out over what you would like to achieve and evaluating your progress on them instead.

Conclusion : Life style changes

By taking on just a few of these lifestyle changes in your thirties will benefit you later in life. So which lifestyle changes will you be making in the coming years or do you have any more to add? If so, please comment below.

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